Tour information

  • Dubrovnik / Lokrum
  • approx. 4 hours
  • 6
  • Please contact us for the best price.
  • Lokrum guided stroll
  • Nature park entrance fee
  • Snack & bottle of water
  • Tour guide along the way
Tour Map



  • Scenic boat ride around Dubrovnik Old Town
  • Lokrum island visit – entrance fee included
  • Spend a part of the day as locals would
  • Relaxing at sea on a charming fisherman’s boat
  • Stop near a local cave, a possibility for a swim/cliff dive
  • Great view of Dubrovnik city walls from the sea


Duration of the tour is approx. 4 hours with all the stops. The boat is suitable for 6 guests.  In addition, the boat tour experience could commence adjusted to your time schedule since we are providing services exclusively to small private groups and individuals.


Please contact us for the best price.


Through the Eyes of a Local

We will simply take you for an adventure and pleasurable boat ride that will relax you, surprise you with the beauty and show you a real Dubrovnik area from the sea. Boat ‘Mali Ivan’ was built in 1980 from the oak and pine wood and it is 7.5 m or 24.6 ft long. From its first day, “Mail Ivan” has been around Dubrovnik Old Town and its surroundings just fishing, taking people for a swim, sailing around collecting life memories and precious moments. ‘Mali Ivan’ has caught tons of fish that can be found in the Adriatic on many sleepless nights as well as under the Dubrovnik’s dusks. Nowadays, the boat is retired for fishing but will take you on an adventure and tell you the story that lives forever.

  • Nautika Restaurant, Brsalje ulica, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Local Beach Cave Visit

Our boat ride around the archipelago will include a visit to one of the popular local sea caves. There you have an option to take a swim, exploring the Adriatic Sea or try cliff diving option.

  • Stradun Palace Room, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Special Forest Vegetation Reserve park – Lokrum island

We will go to the island of Lokrum which is a true paradise for nature lovers and one of the gems of Dubrovnik archipelago. The natural environment of Lokrum reveals the beautiful contrast between its dark caves and its eternal green forests. But many questions arise concerning why Lokrum possesses such a wealth of preserved nature. The secret lies in a relationship between man and nature that dates from ancient times. From 1964 Lokrum was declared Managed Natural Reserve park and from 1976 was put under the protection of UNESCO as Special Forest Vegetation Reserve park. Thus, observing this island from the outside is not enough to reveal all the treasures that one can find on Lokrum.

  • Lokrum, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Boat Ride along the Southern City Walls

After spending time on the island we will embark our fishermen’s boat and visit two small ports next to the fortress of St. Lawrence and return to the Old Town with a breath-taking view of Dubrovnik city walls.

  • City Walls Hostel, Ulica Svetog Šimuna, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Back to the starting point

The tour experience will finish at the assigned point. If you would like to add to your experience Dubrovnik Old Town by foot tour later on, it could be arranged additionally.

  • Maritime Museum, Ulica kneza Damjana Jude, Dubrovnik, Croatia