Tour information

  • Entrance fee to the fortress
  • Local drink/Coffee break
  • Pick up/Transfer back
  • Tour guide along the way
  • War museum Tour
Tour Map


Discover Dubrovnik with a private tour and experience the city from a different perspective.


  • Stunning views and stories from five different locations in the vicinity of Dubrovnik
  • Drive through the nearby villages, hear tales about locals and the city
  • See the facilities which were devastated during the war, tourism then / now
  • Old forgotten monastery
  • Local Drink/Coffee along the way in a local tavern with your guide                                                      
  • Napoleonic fortress and War museum visit


The duration of the tour is approx. 4 hours with all the stops. In addition, the tour experience could be adjusted to your time schedule and budget since we are providing tour experiences to exclusively individuals and small groups.

Transportation is organized via a private vehicle (up to 3-4 people) or a van (up to 7 people).


Please contact us for the best price.

For the bigger private groups, feel free to contact us as well.

Mail: sales@dubrovnikguidetours.com

Mob: +385 91 239 1685


Overlooking the Old Town

We will have a ride outside the city with a short stop overlooking the Dubrovnik Old Town on the main Adriatic road

  • Vidikovac near Park Orsula, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Drive through the nearby villages

Our journey continues towards an area called Župa Dubrovačka. We will make a turn into the former YU army military resort completely devastated during the war in 90’s. Quite a story…It looks almost unreal that this place is still untouched since that period. Nearby is a location of the former Titos villa, but access is denied. It is a place where locals would go during summer months for a swim as well.

  • Kupari, Croatia

Hidden Dominican Monastery

After a short ride, we will reach a hidden Dominican monastery, which was completely forgotten for a couple of hundred years. These days there are some efforts in order to put it back into a function with the effort from the local association. When Napoleon troops abolished the Dubrovnik Republic this particularly monastery was used as a clinic for sexually transmitted diseases?! rnWe will continue our ride through upper villages and make a stop near the oldest small church in the area. On this location, one of the oldest written artefacts related to an original Slavic alphabet was found.

  • Čelopeci, Croatia

Short break and Napoleonic Fortress

After passing through villages, it is time for a short break, coffee or a local drink in a local tavern with your guide. Later followed by a ride across the hills to a point with a stunning view of Dubrovnik archipelago. The location offers a view towards Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro. We will place a visit to the Napoleonic fortress and war museum dedicated to the events from 1991. The story about the French occupation and recent history will bring this place alive.

  • Muzej Domovinskog rata, Srđ ulica, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik harbour view

A drive down the Adriatic road will take us to the viewpoint above the Dubrovnik harbour. We will make a short stop and introduce you to the stories related to the old summer palaces located around the harbour, its history and present state.

  • croatian restaurant near Privežna ulica, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Transfer back

The tour will finish at the assigned point. If you would like to add to your experience Dubrovnik Old Town by foot tour later on, it could be arranged additionally.

  • píle near Dubrovnik, Croatia