Tour information

  • Dubrovnik
  • 2:00 hours
  • up to 6
  • 110 €
  • Drink/Coffee in the local bar
  • Personal Tour guide
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Dubrovnik walking tour gives you an opportunity to discover the insights of the beautiful city located in the most southern tip of Croatia.

Depending on your preferences we are able to customize the walking tour according to your time and as well show you some other parts of the city besides the Old Town.


  • Discover the most important sites within the Old Town
  • Learn about Stradun, Old palaces, Monasteries, Cathedral, Old Port…
  • Explore the hidden streets & catch a feeling of everyday life
  • Find out a background of street names inside the city walls
  • Discover are there any remaining traditional crafts & businesses
  • Have a drink in a local bar with your guide (it’s on us!)



The duration of the tour is approx. 2:00 hours with all the stops. The walking tour experience could be adjusted to your time schedule since we are providing walking tours exclusively to individuals and small private groups.

Exploring the city walls is not a part of the walking tour but if you are eager to do it as a part of the experience please let us know and we will advise you accordingly.

Send us an email:


Mail: sales@dubrovnikguidetours.com

Mob: +385 91 239 1685


Meeting Point

We will meet at the assigned point after tour confirmation. Our tour could start any time from 6:30 am as an early riser‘s tour and see the town just waking up, later in the day or even in the evening after sunset. You choose the time and let us know.

  • Pile Dubrovnik

Streets above Stradun

Many streets inside the Old Town are left unnoticed by the travellers. This is where real life and interesting tales are hidden and all that within 400m! rnThe Old town offers numerous stories about its history and present. We will pass near the elementary school inside of the Old town, the music school which is still operating inside of the former monastery. Nearby there is a Classical gymnasium located in the former high-level educational institution founded in 17ct. as part of the Jesuits order. Are there any traditional crafts left?

  • UMJETNIČKA ŠKOLA LUKE SORKOČEVIĆA, Ulica Josipa Jurja Strossmayera, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Old granary

Learning about the former granary we will walk through hidden streets, being able to see local homes where you might have a feeling that there is a separate world from the one happening on the main street.

  • Žitnica rupe, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Local bar

There are many bars in within city walls. Just a few still belong only to the locals. During our walking experience, we will stop for a short break and drink/coffee refreshments. Again, this is also what we like to do…..while „working “.

  • Maritime Museum, Ulica kneza Damjana Jude, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Minceta tower

What is hidden below the only basketball court in the Old Town and where is the location of one of the still remaining children playground within the city walls?. You will take a stroll through small streets to get a feeling for the life that is still active in spite of the decreasing number of residents in the last few decades.

  • Tvrđava Minčeta, Ulica Ispod Minčete, Dubrovnik, Croatia


You will learn and discover about the main street Stradun, remaining monasteries, St. Blaise church, Sponza Palace, Rectors Palace, Cathedral, Old port and much more… Yes, the town is still alive!

  • Stradun, Dubrovnik, Croatia