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Island in the Adriatic Sea

Island Vis

Vis is a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, off the Dalmatian Coast. In Vis town, parts of the ancient city walls remain, along with a thermae (public bath). Levaman Fortress houses the Archaeological Museum, with exhibits including a 4th-century-B.C. bronze head of the goddess Artemis and amphorae recovered offshore. On a small peninsula, St. Jerome’s Church and Monastery are built over an ancient Roman theater.

There are over 30 different military objects now scattered across the island: from tunnels, underground hospitals and command centers, and army barracks… and most of them are abandoned. One of the most attractive is the missile base at Stupisce point near Komiza. It was a huge base for land-sea missiles with quite an impressive tunnel and bunker complex to be on alert in case of an invasion from Italy. Yugoslav authorities were paranoid of invasions, and enemy attacks from abroad…while the country finally collapsed from within back in 1990s.

Vis tunnels
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