Tour information

  • Cavtat walking tour
  • Entrance to the fortress
  • Pick up/Transfer back
  • Refreshment along the way in the local bar
  • Tour guide along the way
  • War Museum visit
Tour Map


Experience Dubrovnik on a unique sightseeing tour in one kind of car in the region. This is a great way to go back in time for a while with one of the locals as your guide and experience the drive around the beautiful city of Dubrovnik and its surroundings in one of the most legendary cars from 20 ct.


  • Classy style ride through the city  
  • Great viewpoints
  • Trsteno Arboretum village visit
  • Scenic ride along the coastline
  • Cavtat town visit
  • Drink/Refreshment in a local bar

Citroen Deesee – what’s that ?

There were not many cars in history which caused such a surprise and excitement on its first appearance in 1955 on a show in Paris. The crowd was astonished by the design. It was 1955! The French called it „Deesee” which means goddess. The original name is Citroen DS. DS stands for a goddess! This car was placed in third place in the 1999 poll selecting the Car of the Century. At that time it was recognized by the world as the world’s most influential auto design.

”De gustibus non est disputandum”  or  “In matters of taste there can be no disputes”.?!

The last one was produced in 1975. One of the most appreciated old-timers. During our ride, we will find a common ground between the French and nearby regions as well.

Please note: Feeling retro and going back in time please note that the old-timer does not have A/C. The Citroen DS is smaller than most modern automobiles, so to maximize comfort three people per car is the most comfortable but if there are four people we will organize an experience as well (not including the driver).


The duration of the tour is approx. 4 hours with all the stops.

In addition, the tour experience could be adjusted to your time schedule since we are providing the tours exclusively to individuals and small private small groups


Up to 4 people: Please contact us for the best price


Dubrovnik neighbourhoods

Our journey will begin at the assigned point. We will drive through the city of Dubrovnik and explore its neighbourhoods. We will drive towards Dubrovnik bridge overlooking the old harbor. Along the way, you will be introduced to stories about the city today and its past.

  • Franjo Tudjman Bridge, Croatia

Fortress above Old Town

The scenic ride up the hill will take us to the Napoleonic fortress situated above the city. What are the connections and common grounds in between French and Dubrovnik? Do not forget you are in a French car. From this location, there is a stunning view over the Old Town and Dubrovnik archipelago. A visit to the fortress and War Museum is a part of the experience.

  • war museum near Srđ, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Easy Ride along the coastline

Afterwards, we will continue our drive along the hills overlooking the Adriatic coastline and go towards the small town of Cavtat. In addition, if interested some of the retro music from the region from the u002770s could be shared along the way due to the CD availability. 

  • Plat, Croatia


Cavtat is around 25 minutes drive from Dubrovnik. This picturesque small town is one of the gems of Dubrovnik coastline. There we will have a stroll along the promenade with traditional Croatian coffee break or other drink based on your wishes with some free time to explore and experience this lovely typical Mediterranean “getaway”.

  • Cavtat, Croatia

Transfer back

Afterwards, we will be coming back to a starting point.

  • Pile Gate, Ulica Vrata od Pila, Dubrovnik, Croatia