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Zadar is a city of romance and love, as well as a place of passion and spirit! This is a town that does not mind exploring new art forms and ideas to enrich its extraordinary setting and complement its grand physique. Zadar is both a peaceful community and a dynamic modern center that greets everyone with open arms and leaves a lasting mark on every visitor!
Zadar locals believe that the sunsets from the Zadar waterfront are the most beautiful in the world, and the famous lover of Maraschino, Alfred Hitchcock, also remarked on them in a similar way. A tribute to those Zadar sunsets was made by the urban installation ‘Greeting to the Sun’, a light-play that begins with the sunset. This project, a model example for the use of renewable energy sources for the lighting of the waterfront, is the work of the architect Nikola Bašić, who is also the creator of the ‘Sea Organ’.
Also known as the Wide Street, Kalelarga is the main and the most beloved street in Zadar, probably older than the city itself! Extending in the east-west direction, following the print of the main longitudinal Roman street (Decumanus Maximus), Kalelarga, for many, is a place of fun and leisure, processions, and celebrations.

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