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Croatian islands you have never heard off


Unknown Croatian Islands These are the Croatian islands of absolute peace where even cars are prohibited. It has always been known that the Croatian coast is teeming with breathtakingly beautiful places. However, if we have to choose our favorite locations, it would certainly be the islands of peace where even cars are prohibited. Morning crowds […]

Travel through Croatia in 4 minutes

Croatia Full of Life

Explore this beautiful corner of the world Croatia is famous for its natural diversity, stunning landscapes, welcoming locals (: and rich complicated history. Slavonia region and its Panonian plain – locals are saying that the cabbage is the highest mountain over there. Continental part with the city of Zagreb as its capital and different northern […]

Travel to Croatia – what do you need to know?

Dear travelers, enjoy Croatia and travel safely and responsibly! Croatia is a Member State of the European Union, and on 1 January 2023, it also became part of the Schengen area. Travelers from other Schengen countries do not have to show their identity card or passport when traveling to or from Croatia if they come […]

Gourmet Stars & Vineyards Trails Exclusive Journey in Croatia

Pelesac Peninsula

CROATIA SEASON 2024 / The Epitome Of Croatia – Exclusive Adriatic Cruise
Dates: Sept 21 – Sept 28, 2024

Geography Now! Croatia

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Looking at a map, you will see how unusual the shape of Croatia is, and its 56,000 square kilometers are filled with fascinating wonders of nature, countless traces of history, delicious food, and smiling faces. Some say it resembles a flying swallow, others claim it looks like a tasty croissant, while some see a strong […]

Travel Guide to Dubrovnik

Travel Guide to Dubrovnik Dubrovnik is a unique medieval city surrounded by iconic walls and the Adriatic sea. Recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site this is a city that is the jewel in the crown of Croatia. Stepped in history, rich in culture, full of respect for tradition, and a magnet for international […]

Cavtat and Konavle region

Cavtat Cavtat is the largest and the only urban center in Konavle that has been built up deliberately. It is located on the peninsula of Rat, which surrounds the well-protected and accessible bay together with the peninsula of Sustjepan. In its harmonious architecture, the centuries-old natural, spiritual, and material affiliation to the Dubrovnik Republic can […]

Great Ston walls views

Ston – a hidden gem on the Peljesac peninsula Ston is located on a narrow isthmus that connects the Pelješac peninsula with the mainland. Precisely such a strategic position was the reason for the construction of the Ston walls, so Ston was left with a unique historical heritage 5.5 km long from the 14th century. […]

Did you taste Croatian wines?

Croatian Wines, hmm… From hard-to-pronounce grape varieties to mesmerizing vineyards, discover a few reasons why we love Croatian wines and why they should be your new obsession! The first time you sip on some Croatian wine, you’ll be hit with a flavor explosion that will make you question why you’ve been drinking anything else. You’ll […]

What food you should taste in Croatia

Croatia is full of incredible gastronomic experiences Food illuminates people’s way of life, cultural values, and perspectives on life. It has a way of bringing people together! But how it can be so powerful? If you think about it there are 5 senses used when tasting food and drink. First, you’ll look at it with […]